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Online VAT Calculator

VAT calculator UAE is an important tool developed by infotreeit, also provides VAT consultancy services in Dubai, for simplifying your VAT calculations. Our UAE VAT Calculator has two different options of Excluding /Inclusive to find out the value of VAT.

How to calculate VAT

Excluding VAT from gross sum:

In the case of Add VAT, the amount you input should not include the VAT amount, and the online VAT calculator calculates the VAT amount additionally. For instance, if you enter AED 100 and 5% VAT. Now, if you click on Add VAT, it will show the result as VAT amount in AED: 5 and Total amount in AED: 105.

Inclusive VAT From Gross Sum:

In case of  Subtract VAT, the amount you input should include the VAT amount. Taking the same example, you put AED 100, which includes the VAT amount and 5 as the VAT percentage. After clicking on Subtract VAT, our VAT Calculator in UAE will show the result as VAT amount in AED: 4.76 and the Total amount in AED: 95.24.

The formulas are provided under the VAT calculator UAE. You can check them in case of any doubt.

The VAT Calculator UAE would be really helpful for you by making the VAT calculation process fast by simply adding the amount. Try it and make the calculations error-free.