QuickBooks Voucher Print

QuickBooks Voucher print

Infotree IT QuickBooks Voucher print is an Ad-on of QuickBooks Online Accounting software. This is a Real Time Integrated solution for printing of Financial Vouchers, Cheques and Money Receipts for QuickBooks Online.

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InfotreeIT is the authorized reseller of intuit QuickBooks in UAE.

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We’re a trusted name in the industry due to which a lot of accountants and small-medium sized businesses rely on our services.

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QuickBooks Voucher  print FAQ's

Choose Edit, then Preferences. Select the Payroll & Employees icon in the icon list. Then select the Company Preferences tab. Select the Pay Stub & Voucher Printing button

Click the “History” drop-down and click “Processed Payment Receipt” if the Processed Payments window is not already open. Click “Print.” Set any of your print options, choose a customized sales receipt form and the number of copies. Click “Print.”

  1.  Go to the Create ⨁ icon and select Print Checks.
  2.  Select Print setup
  3.  Select Standard then select Yes, I’m finished with setup
  4.  Select the small arrow ▼ icon under “On first page print” and select 1 check
  5.  Select the check to print.
  6.  Select Preview and print.

1. From the left menu, select Expenses

2. On the Expenses tab, select Print Checks

 3. Select the check you’ll need to print, then click the Print setup tab

 4. Under the Select the type of checks you use section, choose Voucher

5. Once done, click the Yes, I’m finished with setup tab

 6. Then, click the Preview and print tab

A sales receipt is a document that provides customers with a detailed description of the products or services that they have purchased from you. If you receive a payment from a customer at the time of sale, then you would create sales receipt in QuickBooks to record both the sale and payment.

They both record the same information: SALES. Invoices record sales on an accrual basis, sales receipts record sales on a cash basis. An invoice records the sale as income and increases accounts receivable, as of the date of the invoice, even though you haven’t received the PAYMENT for the sale

Click the “Customize” drop-down menu and select “Manage Templates” from the options. Click on each template thumbnail in the Template Gallery to preview how it will appear as an invoice. Click the “OK” button to select and open your preferred template. Select your customization preferences from the options pane.