QuickBooks hosting

QuickBooks Hosting

If you are looking for the best QuickBooks Hosting provider for your small, medium or enterprise business InfotreeIT is the best choice for you. We specialize in large scale database management and superior QuickBooks Hosting service, our team of dedicated technical specialists (QuickBooks) are always here to serve you. QuickBooks hosting lets you access your QuickBooks software from a cloud server, where all your data and files are safely stored and operated. 

Why to choose INFOTREE IT

InfotreeIT is the authorized reseller of intuit QuickBooks in UAE.

Our services include

We’re a trusted name in the industry due to which a lot of accountants and small-medium sized businesses rely on our services.

QuickBooks hosting in the cloud

QuickBooks hosting in the cloud which means you can access the application from anywhere and it provides the required technical support round the clock so that you never have to worry about taking care of the IT issues on your own. Secured backup options keep your data safe.

QuickBooks hosting in the cloud
Features of QuickBooks cloud hosting

QuickBooks hosting does not require you to be in the office all the time to get the work done. You can log in from anywhere to restart the work from where you left it. Moreover, you need not worry about connectivity issues since we assure ‘always-up’ server availability.


You and your staff can access and work on the application at the same time provided the user has either his/her personal server credentials or shared credentials with limiting access.


Our hosting services are compatible with various accounting and tax software which makes it easier for you to extend your hosting services without changing the hosting provider.


We act as advocates for our clients, performing due diligence in the pre-construction phase, minimizing risks for our clients and starting projects off on their best footing.


Our services are bound by the best standards of security. Virtual and physical security mechanisms implemented by us to prevent any threat from entering the strong walls of the safety.


QuickBooks hosting services you can access your company file online whenever and wherever in the world.

What you can expect from InfotreeIT ?

Our cloud services are built on a network infrastructure that can grow with your company. Easily upgrade or change your services to fit your needs or your budget, giving you the flexibility to adapt your QuickBooks Pro hosting, QuickBooks Premier hosting or QuickBooks Enterprise hosting on the fly. No matter what cloud hosted application plan you choose, our flexible infrastructure can give you an accounting solution that gives your company ground to stand on.


Our comprehensive service also includes rock solid security that’s vital to the operation and success of your company. When you are hosting your QuickBooks offsite, you want to know that your financial records and privacy are of utmost importance.


Because you can pick and choose what resources your company needs, you can also adjust your budget to match. Decreasing your overhead is why you are hosting your applications in the first place, with InfotreeIT you only pay for what you use!

Integrated Backup

Redundancy is a huge part of our QuickBooks cloud hosting solution and our data center is setup to accept any configuration of backup for your financial data. You can rest easy knowing that your records are safe from loss or theft, and that you’ve got the backups in the event that you need them.


QuickBooks enterprise hosting services provided by InfotreeIT is meant to offer its users with a robust virtual domain to its clients through whom they can work on their respective QuickBooks Desktop enterprise from any PC, Mac or other gadgets utilizing all around associated web.